It's a Breeze!


In the beginning there was nothing! Well, there was a space between the house and garage that needed filled. It was suggested by the board of directors, that the breezeway be much larger than it turned out, but I actually won out in the end since it isn't actually living space, and the roof would have had to be almost flat if it were much wider.

The first wall is set after the slab had cured and it was all a breeze from there on! 


Another view of the same wall in place. It was a little disturbing cutting into the house and my brand new garage at first but it was all worth it in the end.


Only two walls to build since the opposing walls were already there. It sure made the initial construction go a lot quicker. Then on to the roof!

I used a 5/12 pitch to get the 1' overhangs and fascia to match up and keep it below the roofline of the back addition.


Rafters and sheeting completed, I needed to get this thing dried in. Even though it was in the middle of a hot, dry summer, you never know in Southern Illinois. I kept a wire fence up in front to keep the dogs in the yard until I could get the doors and windows in.


All dried in and windows in place. The doors had not come in yet and were back ordered. We'll keep working on the roof until they get here.


Oh joy, roofing! My favorite pass time!  NOT! At least it was a small roof...


All flashed, roofing completed, and aluminum fascia done. No need to worry about rain now!


Finally got the doors in, time to take down that fence!


On to the siding...luckily I had just enough left over from cutting away the siding on the house and garage to do this. They don't make this siding anymore and I can't get any. I had to buy white inside corners and get some outdoor latex paint to match the siding color. You can't tell they are painted at all.


Siding and trim done, and gutter cut down and replaced! I also poured a small stoop (not there yet) next to the slab so there was a place to set flower pots and a step into the breezeway.

It seems like one project always begats another. That hose running under the door was our only water source in the back yard. So now I have to dig a trench and install a hydrant in back so everything back there doesn't die from lack of water. Some things were just meant to be i guess. I had placed a 1" conduit under the foundation in back of the addition when it was built, that was originally intended for electricity to the old garage. I was able to put a 3/4" pex plastic pipe through that conduit under the new patio, that isn't there yet, to get water to the back yard. Phwew! had me worrried there for a minute!


On to the inside. This door used to be a window, well it's actually always been a door, it's what was there before...hehehe. I know, bad joke.

One step, two step! Huge staircase!

Debbie decided she wanted bead board walls...this could get interesting!


This flooring looks like real wood. Very thick heavy vinyl. I like it! Perfect for this space.

Sophie likes it too! Hey Sophie!


The door that used to be a window from the inside. I got a little carried away with the sawzall when I took out the old header for the smaller window. You can see the places where the saw poked through. Good thing Debbie knows how to spackle! Ha!


Bead board and trim work almost done. I used 1/4" luan for the ceiling and worked up a detail for the corners and other joints using various types of stock mouldings. It works for me!


Corner detail. This will be fun to paint!


It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! This color looks pretty wild in the pictures but it's really not that bad in person.


Deb loves to decorate and she's good at it. She chose a peach color for the ceiling and a much lighter version of the same color for the upper walls of the gables. The little touches are what makes this space.


A little electric heater that looks like an old cast iron stove fits the bill just right here! Wait, what about that ugly space between the house and  garage on the outside with all the weeds?

Here we go, another project! Or is it the same project extended? I'm losing track!


A couple of tons of crushed limestone and some landscape fabric will make a good base here. Good drainage and a solid foundation for paver stones.


Such a fun job in the heat of the day...where there's no breeze in the breezeway...


Almost ready to tamp it down and lay some stones.


I ordered a full pallet of these 18x24 in. concrete pavers and about 17 of them ended up broken. Good thing they took them back.


Pavers all laid out in neat little rows. Deb had the brilliant idea of using a peice of 2x4 ripped down to size to keep the gaps even while laying these in place. It worked like a charm!


Four tons of pea gravel, a little here and most of it in the front and back flower beds for mulch that never needs replacing, is a blessing in disguise.

Another job done and checked of the list!