The Auto Home!


In the beginning...there was a concrete slab! 


And Bob said; "Let there be walls"!


And Bob  and Robby worked and worked until all the walls were raised...


And when all the walls were raised and sheeted, they rested...for a day...


The next day a big truck arrived with more work for Bob, Robby and Billy...


After making sure everything was ready...


They began to work...up and over the house... 


One by one, truss after truss...


Until all had been set...and the roof had been sheeted...this was our progress after two days.


Lots of messes to clean up anda flagpole to move when it's all finished. It will be nice to have a garage we can actually use.


No pictures of framing and sheeting the gables. I actually did that myself but Bill came and helped me lay the T&G decking for the floor in the room in attic. Thanks Bill!

So at this point obviously the gables have been sheeted, the fly rafters have been set, and sub fascia in place. My Father-In-Law Bill, gave us an early Christmas present and paid to have the roof done so my old bones didn't have to crawl up there and roof a 10/12 pitch. Thanks again Bill!

House wrap on and windows are in. And oh yeah, if you didn't notice, we had an earthquake in the driveway...


Out with the old and in with the new!


Starting to take shape!


New driveway scratched out and formed up. Ready for the first pour!


This was done in two pours, and I had the slope of the apron lowered so it was easier to get in the driveway in the winter when it was icy. About 10 days to cure.


Driveway cured, time to start the siding. And maybe a little brisk ride after I'm done for the day.


Ole Blue looks pretty good sitting in that driveway. It was hard to work knowing it was there calling my name.


Now we're getting somewhere! It's starting to look like a finished garage now.

Doors hung and trimmed out and siding halfway up the front. Soffit and fascia done all the way around.


Done just in time for Christmas! There's that old green Ford truck I drove for 14 years. Good ole truck!


Another angle on the same day. Now to move that flagpole and pile of dirt!

The work never stops round here!


Merry Christmas!